About the documentary:

Determined to amplify the voices of women, two filmmakers packed their lives into a school bus and hit the road for what became the most transformative adventure of their lives.


Through powerful conversations with over 100 women from different walks of life, The Goddess Project gives an intimate look into the collective experience that women in the United States face today.

the FILM

The must see film for women who want to create and cultivate their dreams! Get inspired to overcome your fears and to contribute to the world in a bigger way.

the book

Gather Like A Goddess.

Build community through a sisterhood support group.

This how-to book will show you how to start your own women's circle! 

the experience

Host a virtual film screening movie night! We'll provide everything you'll need to put on a successful and memorable event.



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"I attended this film with a group ranging from 13 to 80, and must say I have never seen such a reaction take place at a film before. We all cried, laughed, and cheered throughout the entire film. With true and relevant topics that give the viewer approval to feel and accept their fears, dreams and shortcomings. But also to be inspired to challenge yourself to live your passion. It is both relevant and thought provoking, and addresses the real issues Women are facing and feeling today. Much needed, and perfect for all age ranges. I absolutely loved it!!"



"This is the sort of film that every woman needs to have seen at least once in her life, preferably while she's young, but especially when she's midlife and still wondering what she wants to do 'when she grows up.' It's a film that speaks to our true purpose, it speaks to our heart. It's a warm, gentle inspiring documentary about a number of different American women from quite diverse backgrounds following their inspirations and passions making both large and small contributions to their communities and our world while creating fully enriched lives. The world is waiting for this - go see it!"

"I hosted a showing of this in a local theater that ended up selling out. It was so popular that I had many people encouraging me to do a second showing, so I did, and it sold out too! I probably could have done several more. People (particularly women, but men too) LOVED it. It has a message that really resonates with many in today's culture. I know how much of an influence it had on everyone in the audience, myself included. I was brought to tears multiple times and left the theater feeling totally buzzed with positivity. If you're looking for a good get-off-your-ass-and-change-your-life type of pep talk, this movie is it."

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