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asked questions

Watching The Film

Q: How long is the movie?

A: 101 minutes and there are no previews.

Q: Can I bring my children to watch this film? What age group is most appropriate?

A: We created this film with our teenage selves in mind and for that reason we recommend ages 12 & up. There is no minimum age requirement to watch the film so it is really up to the parent or guardian. The film covers topics like the negative effects of the media, trauma and abuse, but is more focused on some of the ways we can heal from these experiences.

Q: Are closed captions and subtitles available?

A: Closed captions are available and subtitles are currently available in Dutch, Hebrew and Portuguese. To request to purchase another language, contact us here.

Q: Will the film screen in my city?

A: Click the "Global Events" page to see if there is an upcoming event near you.


You can also host your own screening in a movie theater, back yard or community space. All you need is a screen & projector and we'll provide all the tools you need to plan an amazing event!

Learn more here.

Hosting A Screening

Q: How will the screening materials be delivered?

A: All of the screening materials will be available to you digitally after the license is purchased. If you prefer to screen the film via a DVD or Blu-ray instead of a digital download, you can order one here.

Q: Why do you charge to host screenings? 

A: The licensing fees are what make it possible to have this film out the world. They fund distributing, hosting, promoting and translating the film into new languages so we can reach more people with these inspiring stories.

Q: How many times can I host a screening of the film with a license?

A: A license must be purchased each time you host a screening of the film. The price and process is the same to reserve your screening license. Licenses can be purchased here.

Q: What if I just want to show people for free?

A: We welcome you sharing the film with those that live with you in your home if you purchase it on our website here or on iTunes or Amazon, but if you are hosting an event with the film we ask that you support us in supporting you and your guests by ordering a License. Plus if you order a screening kit, it includes a bunch of fun perks like fun graphics, a discussion guide and tools to help make your event memorable!

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